A comprehensive solution unified under one brand

Basis and MGAC consolidate brands under the MGAC name, continuing to provide cost and risk management services as an integral part of MGAC's diverse service offerings.

Providing big solutions 
for your big data needs.

Our experts are redefining 
reliability in the development and delivery of best-in-class critical facilities that ensure 
you peace of mind.

Keeping a progressive government agency moving forward

A successfully navigated collaboration between public, private, and agency interests results in the first DoD UFC compliant leased facility.

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For our clients, the sky’s the limit.

We are more than project 
managers. We work with 
clients as trusted, strategic 
advisors willing to do 
whatever it takes for the 
success of your project.


W Seattle

Bringing luxury back 
to life in Seattle.

The refresh of this lifestyle 
brand hotel celebrates Seattle’s 
cultural influences through 
inventive and award winning custom details.

The passion to lead, 
the talent to deliver.

Join our team of talented, 
experienced professionals 
and learn why Washington 
Post named MGAC one of its Top Workplaces of 2015.

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